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There are more than two things, but two things are enough.

For once I am not bitching and moaning about my team mates, no I am bitching and moaning about Wintergrasp mechanics and WoW.

  1. The picture above tells the story of my issue with WoW… I’ll come back to it, but meanwhile keep an eye on that picture.
  2. Wintergrasp group mechanics.
  1. Ok, quick check. Noticed any change in the picture? No, it’s OK, we will come back to it.
  2. Wintergrasp can handle two three 40 man raids worth of bodies – 80 of them for those of you as mathematically challenged as I normally am.

Entering as group

If you make the mistake of entering the WG battle while in a group, that is your group. You are not in either of the 40 man raid groups.

You do not:

  • Get raid buffs
  • Appear in healing frames
  • Share in the kills etc.

To get into the raid group, you need to (more…)

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So I got asked this question the other day in a comment.

I have to assume that it’s a serious question as this is a serious blog… right?

So I’m going to give you my Magely view on what a Warlock is, and all being well, we might get a response from my Nymesis, a warlock that’s done his time in rehab, seen the light and run screaming at it.

What a Warlock is NOT.

They are not Mages!

They are jealous individuals without a natural affinity to magic. Think of your little brother that can’t do math, therefore doesn’t get your parents praise, doesn’t get the teachers praise and definitely doesn’t win any awards for arithmetic.

If only I could be powerful and love like Gnomeaggedon!

But that doesn’t happen. Scorned by family and friends, ignored by the family pet, shunned by even apprentice Mage trainers, they are shallow, hollow, wannabes.

They are not Hunters!

Physically weak, they don’t have the stamina to take a few punches while delivering a wingclip. Not strong enough to pull a bow, or cock a rifle. They aren’t even dexterous enough to dual wield.

Did I mention they are ignored by the family pet? Yeah, not even sooty the cat, singed during their magely siblings toddler experiments will willingly associate with a Warlock (more…)

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That’s a loaded question, because it depends where you are.

A few people have told me to relax, that the whole new RandomBG thing will settle down and life in the Battlegrounds will rerun to some kind of normality.

I think it already is, but there is one thing I have noticed that is arse-about, and has been for a long time.

People fight for the flag in the wrong places and at the wrong time!

As a general rule, you fight for the flag:

  • Warsong Gulch: ALWAYS!
  • Eye of the Storm: sometimes, but only when appropriate.

What I have found though is the opposite is true.

In EotS, 7-10 people will spend the whole game trying to get the flag, regardless whether we still have a base.

As Cynwise joked (more…)

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Yes, a Lock made me laugh.

Just as we were wiping the Horde’s butts in Arathi Basin with the flags they kept trying to take off us, an Affliction lock brought up a heart breaking subject (well for a Mage, lol)…

Ready for the punch line?

Ohh… not funny?

The new Lock Spec…. give up and go play LotR?

Well it amused me…

Speaking of not funny

Slightly more devious, and significantly more evil that any Warlocks, even Horde Warlocks that have turned me into Minced Gnome Pie, are the latest Gold Scammers and their method of sucking you towards their website.

Make sure you post a link to Breanni’s warning on your guild websites, maybe even prance through the streets on your “My Little Pony” yelling out a warning.

Gold Seller Scams Using “Breanni”

Gnomer and Out!

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Just a short one, because as instructed, I have put my feet up and I am in the process of knocking over a few Dwarven ales.

Still, considering the last couple of posts about achievements, I can’t let this one slip through.

I’m not sure whether I should be thanking:

  • The 300,000 of you that visited once… or
  • The 1 of you that visited 300,000 times… or
  • The 299,999 attempts by spammers + the  one of you that dropped by.

Whoever I need to thank, and I’m sure you know who you are…


Gnomer and Out!

PS: I don’t do it for the hits.. and I have long since stopped publishing these things, but I just couldn’t help myself, because you know what day I hit 300k?

Yep the same day I knocked over Loremaster & Explorer.

Thanks for coming!

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The birth place of my WoW beginnings…

Coming Home

Obviously not Gnomeaggedon’s beginnings, but my WoW playing beginnings.

It was a long journey with many discoveries…

Mankirk's wife found.. hunt continues for Gnome responsible

Contrary to reports spread by the Horde, I had nothing to do with the beating.

Of course it begs the question…

If a Gnome can find Mankirk’s wife, why have 10,000,000 Horde failed?

A long journey come to an end.

Loremaster Gnomer the Explorer and Out!

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Mmm maybe time for bed… sleep would be good.

Thanks to Twisted Nether Blogcast & Arivina for getting me through, mentally & physically, the last quests.

Loremaster Gnomer and Out!

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