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Don’t read that email

If you momentarily thought you were lucky enough to get an email from the Gnome, you were probably scratching your head moments later.

The only legitimate email people should be getting from me today is to say don’t read the previous email.

Interestingly the only unusual thing I did tonight was the same thing that my hacked mate did there a week or so ago, which was to download an ingame update from an otherwise legitimate game.

I can’t be sure it was the update, it might just be one of those funny conincidences, but if you have played Battleforge in the past, just be careful if you do update it.

One last thing… A podcast i have listened to in the last couple of days wondered why Blizzard would add a copy Authenticator code to the iPhone Authenticator.

It’s so you can log on to Battle.net from anywhere and change your password.

Play safe!

Gnomer and Out!

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Alright, so I lied! What’s it to you?

Yes I know I said that I didn’t know what to do with all my honor.

Yes I know I said I might as well pour it down the sink

Yes I know I said I wasn’t interested in PvPing for gems

Yes I know I said I wasn’t interested in the BG mounts, that I have all I want

Yes I know, but… (more…)

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