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Slooooooooow Faaaaaaaaaall


Yes I’ve had it for a long time, but pre-glyphs it was “expensive”

Only a light feather

I hear you exclaim.


  • and the grinding!
  • or the silvers at the AH!
  • and the bag space!
  • and the repair bill when you forget you ran out yesterday and haven’t restocked!
  • and the bigger repair bill 10 minutes later when you forget again!

So although I may have gotten it years ago, even though I even had a special dismount/slowfall macro, even though for the cost of a glyph I have been able to throw them around like 1 copper candies…

I haven’t used it.

It was a forgotten skill, one with more risk than reward.

Now, now, I cast it all the time. I have to stop every 29 seconds for fear I will be without it.

OK, alright, I admit that might be a slight exaggeration… I can wait 35 seconds, maybe.

I use it in Stormwind.

Do you use it in Stormwind?

Why not? (more…)

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I’m a Melee Mage and I’m OK!

I’m a pretty tuff nut for a short green-haired fireball wielding Gnome Mage.

Some people Min/Max, others play their game.

More often than not, when you see the hunter rush into melee you think to yourself

Noob… Ohh no he has geared and gemmed for Stamina and Strength too!

I have a mate that maxed out his 50 character limit so that he could experience all sorts of roles without being limited by a class tag.

It didn’t really matter if the combination he came up with neither made sense, nor was effective, what mattered was that he got to experience and roleplay the game the way he wanted.

With the Cataclysmic changes coming to weapon skills, I took the time (TIME… so much time!) to finish leveling my 4 (including unarmed… 2 achievements for the price of one!).

It was kind of fun… kind of.  I mean duking it out with one mob for 15 minutes is fun right? (more…)

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