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Where the Bloody Hell are you?

I know, the question on many readers lips.

No this has nothing to do with questionable Australian tourism ads, the model that starred in them, or the controversy surrounding her, it’s more of a Where in the world is Gnomeaggedon.

It’s not a simple question to answer, apart from single fatherhood, new-not-quite-waterproof-home-owning and I-have-to-do-what?-by-when?-how? worklife, I have kind of been everywhere… in Azeroth at least.

My newly rediscovered passion for PvP, combined with my determination to complete Loremaster (no matter how many chain quests and dailies I have to complete to open up those last few quests) is leaving me with little time for the greatest pleasure in my life… Blogging.

Anyway, here’s a short pictorial explanation of what I have been up too.

(Note, you know the only thing about this Gnome that is short is the Gnome… lot’s of screenshots incoming!)

Disclaimer: Yes, there might be a certain level of shirt tearing going on in this post…

Where the Bloody Hell are you?

I’ve been (more…)

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