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Bye Jong!

There should be a link to his final post on the right —>

’nuff said…

Gnomer and Out!

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Some sites give out T-Shirts…

I give out guild tabbards!

Following on my last surprise whisper from a reader the other day (yes I know I haven’t posted in days.. I’ll give you my boss’ email later and you can take it up with him, something about being busy…), I got another whisper today.

Unlike last time where it was a long time reader, 1st time meeter, this was a 1st time reader and 2nd time meeter.

Guild Infiltrator

Is it just me, or do you smell of Horde?

Apparently my guild mates haven’t been doing a good enough job because he has been /who Armaggedons Coming and getting no result… shame on you other 16 members of the guild… (OK, 14.. Balth and Katt are on more often than I am I think…) (more…)

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