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Pit of Saron must be the place to meet the people worth meeting!

I don’t just mean people…

I mean great people!

Yes, more of those that I was just talking about.

So while I appreciate I could be bringing you more entertaining posts, hell, maybe for once an informative post, I’m going to call out some more WoW heroes!

Frank – Aman’Thul

Frank is in the list for one very important reason (two, but I’ll get to that) – he dropped group (more…)

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… If the stupid WordPress Application for the iPhone didn’t munch it up and throw 1/2 of it away.

So instead you get a few things that made me laugh, all in the space of 24 hours.

She’s got Fireballs!

I dare say Larisa is still putting out the Arcane pain, but one thing is for sure, she’s got fireballs!

How else would you explain the fact that she is still prepared to read through the Official Forums?

I’m glad she did, because she made me laugh, kept me up until 1am chuckling in fact.


Read this: What actually happens during maintenance?

The Daily Blink

The Daily Blink

I stumbled across this, I think it was in my blog statistics, maybe a twitter invite.  I don’t remember, because the what soon became more important than the how (more…)

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  • My Feedreader is consistently at 1,000+ unread posts.
  • My Mage category is consistently at 150+ unread posts
  • My Shaman category is consistently at 90+ unread posts

Dont get me started on the others…

Anyway, this means I do stupid things like hassle harried history students about things that I could probably work out myself, while my feedreader laughs at me because 2 posts away are tons of posts about Fire Mages in General and Fire PvP Specifically.

So apologies up front to Rip if I have dragged him away from his studies.  If you have started, don’t stop.  I haven’t found a source of Fire Mages enchants and gemming wisdom yet…

Meanwhile here are some links.. (more…)

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I got some feedback this morning

Bitch, Moan, Bitch. It’s all you do! Where are the happy stories?

Admittedly I received this feedback while starring at the mirror. I knew I should have just checked Squidly’s hair in Culling of Stratholme!

But it’s FUN!

Everyone likes a good vent, especially when there is a bandwagon, or group therapy.

It only takes the most minor of things to turn something into the worst, the most dramatic, the end of the world is coming discussion. Not that I am suggesting that the current outrage sweeping the WoW Blogsphere is insignificant.

The Bitch:Joy ratio

Still, I noticed that right now I can quickly write 5 bitch posts for every one joy post.

You know, something good happens you tell one person, something bad happens, you tell 10 (or on the blogshpere 1,000) people.

You run 9 great heroics, but it’s the one shitful one that sticks with you, that you save the story to share with your guild, with your blog readers.

I still remember 1 of the good out of the 9

Well, 3 of the 9 actually and I’ve been meaning to share it with you, but how could I resist the bitch stories?

So here it is.. (more…)

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It’s the Tank’s Fault!

Nerf 'em!

BBB mentioned this the other day (did I tell you I love BBB? I always save up his posts and gorge myself on them!).

Well OK, he didn’t say it was the Tanks fault… but I’m good at taking a phrase out of context and trying to ram that down your throat. He did basically say that Tanks DPS is currently OP.

They should be TPS machines, not DPS machines.

Let’s face it, no one has to grind dailies in their tank spec any more (well, unless the off spec is heals I guess… Mmmm then a gain that isn’t so bad.. I was doing higher dps than the tank and one DPS in HVH the other night… yeah I was meant to be healing … Sssshhhh!)

Anyway, I believe…

No, I know, that one of the reasons that DPS & damage is so low for some dps toons is that the tanks are insane…

Well their damage output is insane.

No, my 1st statement was probably correct..

Tanks are INSANE!

Go on.. Nerf 'em!


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One Wipe Pansies

No, not the pretty flower variety…

I’m pretty sure I have bitched about this before, most likely in a throw away line in a throw away post.

The thing is with my increased playtime, the increased gear availability, overgeared alts, the ROLFSTOMPA heroics and the LFG Naxx10 must have 5,000 GS and ICC achievement mentality that seems to permeate the game right now, it just seems that every time I enter a raid I am surrounded by…

One Wipe Pansies.

What is a One Wipe Pansy?

Maybe the most common example of their occurrence is the best way to answer that question.

Very Overgeared Arseholes!

Err, I mean VoA. 10 or 25, it makes no difference, although the effect is more pronounced in VoA25 (more…)

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Hands up if you are a healer that is drinking more than usual lately?


See that’s the problem with healers, they just don’t get it!

BOOZE, not mana food!

  • If the DPS dies in the bad- HEALERS FAULT!
  • If the 40k (DPS masquerading as) Tank gets 3 shot in regular UK – HEALERS FAULT!
  • If the DPS die to the Whirlwind – HEALERS FAULT!
  • If the dps of the DPS is too low – HEALERS FAULT!
  • If their pet rabbit escapes from it’s cage, jumps on a ship to India and gets run over by a camel in downtown Delhi – HEALERS FAULT!
  • If the healer is OOM on every trash pull – HEALERS FAULT!

What did I miss? Help me fill in the blanks! (more…)

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