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Apparently I am so happy with a GMs service that I need to tell Blizzard to get the guy a soda and a pizza.

So I was thinking, who would like to buy one and go drop it off?

Maybe it’s a good opportunity for Ixobelle to get past the front gates… Just add a few CVs into the pizza box Ixo!

Mind you it took a while before I was visited by Cherigor, about 20 hours. Which I guess explains why I have never before had an in-game encounter with a GM. I am sure they were busy.. I doubt Cherigor was pushing me down the list or anything… I don’t think he realized I had a Gnome main at that point.

DND: Go on give me a challenge!

I had just started on a Nexus run when the Deadly Boss Mods DND message flashed up.

He asked if it was a bad time…

I’m only healing I responded.

Earth Shield, Riptide, Chat to GM (more…)

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Hey folks, just a quick follow up.

I know a few of you decided to try living with out you word verification.  Some of you appropriately took my request as a demand (or was it the other way around), others have just tried it out.

Nibuca (She’s been getting heaps of mentions lately), sent the post out on a #tntcast, which I guess means there is a chance she will raise it on TNB this week.

The other thing she has been doing is giving daily updates on the change in her spam levels (more…)

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DPS don’t matter

I don’t care how UBER your DPS is…


Ok, so Gnomeaggedon has been on the wrong end of that statement before.

More than a few times.

But you know what, I know whose fault it is when I’m lying dead on the floor 30 seconds into an encounter.

As much as I would like to blame Mr. Tree’s weak-arsed “One DoT will last Gnomer all night” healing, the reality is I brought the death upon myself.

  • Not the Healer!
  • Not the Tank!
  • Me and only me!

Just cause I can pump it out at times doesn’t mean I should. Yes it’s a shame when the 3rd moon of Venus is aligned with Pluto, the planet of personal transformation, and the libido in the air is just ripe, but if the mother-in-laws of all aggro are also there… (more…)

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Dear Guild Masters

Nibuca asked a question in Twitter the other day.

What do you look for in a Guild Website?

I shot back one quick response:

Give non-WoW templates

That’s it.

I don’t care too much about the functionality, I do want to be able to read and leave comments, but the only thing that is important to me is being able to access the guild website when ever I want to.

It isn’t really relevant to me anymore anyway, for a couple of reasons (more…)

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‘s Up!

No Not What’s up? (how could you not know?)

It’s Up!

The Twisted Gnomer Blogcast!

Yep, ummm me, my Aussie drawl and aweful sound… Fim did a good job, but nothing will every fix my voice…

Ohh Gawd I hate my (recorded) voice… but hey, there were a couple in the chat room that thought it was kind of sexy…

Anyways, go check it out!

NOW! (download)

NOW! (iTunes)

NOW! (Zune)

Gnomer and Out, Squidly and Stout!


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Rewarding the UNDERAchievers

With apologies to Nibuca for, as always, treating her Locksensible questions with my own brand of Gnomesense.

She was lamenting the lack of 5 man rewards for geared players.

This made me think of all the ways underachievers miss out.

How will they ever:

  • Close the gear gap between themselves and the Hardcore?
  • Get to see a raid?
  • Solo an elite?
  • Get achievements, particularly violet protodrakes?

I think the time has come to redress the balance and I have found the perfect vehicle for these achievements.

Lu’Zor Trolls

There is a little known faction in WoW. You won’t find them mentioned in WoW lore. The reason being that they are the outcasts of outcasts.

Yes a Troll tribe that no one likes, not even other Trolls. They inhabit the forgotten yet unforgiving zones of WoW… Under remote bridges, Official forums, Trade chat, even the Dalaran bank steps (more…)

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Dear Bloggers

This is a request to bloggers in general, but specifically for those of you on Blogspot.

Get rid of word verification!

I guess it makes you feel safer, maybe a little less bothered by spam.

I wonder if it bothers you that you get less comments?

It certainly bothers me that I leave less comments, that you make it more difficult for me to leave comments.

I always found it a pain after crafting my comment (actually before I even leave my comment it’s such a pain to have to go to a new page… But that’s your blogging platform of choice… Your choice), that either I mistype the word verification or it times out.

Instead of me leaving a comment and walking away with a smile, I grunt, die a little inside and have another go. All being well I haven’t flicked to another page and forgotten the unposted comment (more…)

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