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I bet that post title gets a few GoogledGnome hits…

Hell, I bet my Australian readers wont be able to view this post!

Wont be long before I’m not even allowed to write it…

Anyway, let me put your mind at ease.

This isn’t about that kind of Cross-Dressing (although admit it, who doesn’t like a nice floral summer frock?)

This is about Cross Dressing in WoW!

You with me yet?

Gnomeaggedon has been a cross-dresser from the day he was rolled… (more…)

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Make it all BoA

All of it!

  • The T10 tokens.
  • The Arena season gear
  • The mounts, all of it!

Let’s not kill the players with more grinding. Let’s make all the loot useful to someone.

I know, Ninja time…

At least make the emblem gear all BoA. You main has a hundred emblems rotting in the bank? Buy your alts some new threads. (more…)

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OK, let me start on the bright side…

Arioch (bless her soul) brought this little number to my attention in the comments of Magic Strudel’s post (why did you roll a Mage?). I wonder if Megan can top a pro like Nyhm?

There was a video ^^ there if it is blocked by the blog nazis… worth a look… trust me!

OK, so down to business…

Like he said, but different

Krizzlybear makes an excellent case for the new LFG… no, not over thereOver here!

But.. I think that the New LFG is NGE! (more…)

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Apparently, Gnomer had a bit of a hectic weekend, and was unable to get a “monday” post under his belt.  But never fear!  Krizzlybear is here!  I actually promised him via twitter that I would fill in for one of his posts.

Just a stipulation though.  I am unable to talk about anything frost.  That’s quite a tall order, since I am in love with the tree.

If you’re a fan of this blog, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Gnomeaggedon, Larísa, and I have a very civil, yet quite exciting rivalry going on between gnomish mages.  A battle of the specs, if you will.  And with every new patch, and every new change that comes to our class, the battle ebbs back and forth like the tides on a beach.  With patch 3.3, all three specs received some pretty awesome changes and buffs, in both PvE and PvP.  If at all, I look forward to the ensuing battle.

But let’s leave that for another day.  Gnomer was busy this weekend, and as a diplomatic frostie, I will perform an act of kindness and bail him out today by writing this post.  And what else could be more adequate to talk about than the new LFG system?

Looking For Awesome

The other day, my mage, Bashertin not only received the title of “the Patient” but also the perky pug pet (more…)

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Two of them about Twisted Nether Blogcast

1) Episode 69 – Hordie with a “D”

The latest Podcast is up featuring Kim from World of Warcraft Wanderings and the answer to the eternal question of Five!

2) Bind On Equip

The boys and girl from BindOnEquip Podcast are on this week… So get online on Ustream and listen to THREE sexy Aussie voices.


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3.3: Gnomeaggedon’s 1st Impressions

In the words that form the name of a Guild on Aman’Thul… BEERBEER! (Mr. Z! was tempted to join them the other day.. Guild names carry a lot of weight in recruitment folks!)

I read the Twitters…

I stated that it sounded more like Fail of the Lich King, than Fall of the Lich King.

My friend came around and I had a moment or two of dilemma…

WoW… Pub… WoW… Pub… WoW.. (more…)

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Environmental Damage

  • Cold is cold.
  • Hot is hot.
  • Wet is only wet, but it both slows you down and in time will hurt, even kill you.
  • Green hurts, red hurts, black hurts even blue hurts, but only if laid at your feet by a player or npc.
  • Ice will slow or stop you, unless it’s natural, in which case you can move as fast and recklessly as usual.

The only exception to this rule I can think of is during the mid summer festival, in Slave Pens… Then and only then ice is slippery.

RNG is a necessary, if unwanted evil and I agree, but I would love a bit of randomly predictable environmental effects… like.. (more…)

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