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My Xmas Present to Me

Sorry for the dead air folks.. it is the season to be /silly and the season certainly has been silly.

I’m living in my new house, but there is still so much to do… I still haven’t moved everything from my old house and when I do the spare room (photo later) will be floor to ceiling, wall to wall boxes.

Still it’s my patch of dirt, mine to break and fix to my hearts content.  I have already had the midnight wanders through the backyard planning out Odin’s cubby, complete with secret passages.

I have also been playing a fair bit, and have a pile of stuff to write about.. they might end up as mammoth as the old Gnomeaggedon weekend that was posts.. screenshots, rants and yes, the return of Gnomeaggedon.

As it is New years Eve, and I have a pile of things to do, I am going to scamper now, but here are some shots of Castle Gnomeaggedon. (more…)

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