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Alterac Valley Battle Plan

Every now and then I have one those BGs that just grabs me by the short and curlies (lots of short here, not so much curlies).

Going back a few days…

AV was failfest.

While on average Alliance are still winning more AVs than not, there are some days where the keyboard shorts out for the tears floating amongst the keys.

Pseudo Premade… well 3 of us anyway

Then a couple of days ago I joined up with the remnants of a PuG instance group to run AV.

Man that was fun!

For some stupid reason Blizzard breaks your party on entering AV (I joined in a group of mates, leave me with them!)

However, we were close enough often enough for me to lay heals on them and it added a whole new flavor to the game.

We rolled the Horde 5/0 before we went our separate ways.

Then there was yesterday…

It was back to the fail fest I know and hate so much (more…)

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It’s BOE – but I NEED it!

Wot for?

Maybe I’m a bit old fashioned, but when an item drops that is an upgrade, a big upgrade, that is immediately wearable, it’s not greed, it’s NEED.

Maybe I have been spoilt over the last 4.5 years grouping with a bunch of long term friends, or worst case with guild mates.

Maybe the game has changed from NEED, GREED and PASS. I know this is true. I have never greeded so many BoPs as I have in the last few months with Squidly (more…)

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Death Knights need Mages because…

Ummm, they don’t.

Actually Death Knights don’t need anyone… They are way OP!

Gnomer and Out!

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Yes I am…

You’re Gnomeaggedon?

Yes I am!

After close enough to an hour of trying to get Squidly’s 1st Headless Horseman group together I managed to get a DK that could tank if need be and he had a couple of level 80 mates.

They were still en-route so I asked whether the group wanted me to get my Mage for an extra summon after this group was finished.

Everyone agreed it was a good idea, in fact nearly everyone else had extra toons they could grab too. So I said…

OK, brb, relogging on Gnomeaggedon

You’re Gnomeaggedon?

I had one of those blogger moments… Is this a reader… Is this a stalker… Who is this?

Yes I am!

As the logout timer counts down I see…

<– I’m Zain!

Ohhh, minor disappointment, he’s an old guildy, GM in fact, rather than a fanboy (more…)

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OK, so this is GoogledGnome #69 (well 70 if we consider the one that I threw a completely different numbering system on), so I shouldn’t be amazed really… but hey, I am sweet and innocent, occasionally naive.

“huntard” +signs

You need sign posts… they are generally pretty obvious!

Even though I am an ex-hunter, from way back in Vanilla, I am a Mage come Shaman these days and it would be entirely inappropriate of me to spell out the ways that Hunters prove that they are Huntards…

I’ll leave that to the Hunter Bloggers.. let’s face it, they will be shamed more by the existence of Huntards.

can mages heal

Ummm Derr.. of course we can (more…)

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Continuing my series on why other classes need Mages, I look at two of the other pure DPS classes today.


Why bother reaching for the heights of Damage meter pwnage if you don’t have competition.

Mages provide that competition, big time. More often than not if you are looking at the top 3 positions in a damage meter they will be filled by Hunters, Rogues and Mages.

The question is, which of us will be No. 1? (more…)

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Just Add Water

The world was saved.

  • Druids free to save the Barrens – check
  • Hydras converted to single headed lizards – check.
  • Forsaken dominance of the Razormane stopped – check.
  • Trolls slaughtered by the dozen – check hehehehe
  • The Baron unseated from his mount and Arthas’ shame cleansed – check

The world was saved… Or was it?

Gnomeaggedon rested at the Argent Dawn campsite.

The gryphon ride from Lights Hope Chapel hadn’t filled him with the usual joy at taking wing. So he dismounted before reaching Ironforge, he needed some time to gather his thoughts.


He probably should have ported to Ironforge, but whether it was his unexpected nap in Dalaran or whether he was still high on the arcane energies that he set loose at his foes, he was tired, even a little dizzy.

Luckily a Gnome doesn’t have far to fall, so his collapse was as gentle as tucking a child into bed (more…)

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