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I’ve never created a guild before.

  • I have been a member of many.
  • Officer in at least one and that was pretty big 300-400 members)
  • One of my alts was even promoted to Guild Master of one (ok, it is a bank guild, but hey I’ve held the position before right…)

But I have never started one from scratch, not even one like Armaggedon’s Coming which has no purpose beyond appearing in screenshots.

So how was the process?

The Blizzard “paperwork” part was pretty painless. It would have been more painless if I didn’t adopt the “male DIY read the instructions as a last resort” method of guild creation.

Sure I checked where the Guild Masters were located… ie: somewhere in Stormwind (and the other major cities)… In the Visitors Centers… Like I had ever been there before in 4.5 years!

But read the guild charter, or even the icon to work out how people sign it…?

Pffff Hahaha… That’s for lesser mortals! (more…)

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I may not be anywhere as exciting as hearing Jong live on Twisted Nether today, but it’s almost as cute…

No, not Gnomeaggedon!

The little “birdy” over his shoulder.

Apparently, after 5 years I actully managed to log on at the right time,

I got sent the letter of thanks (no not 5 years worth of subscription money attached) (more…)

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Begging Your Forbearance on TNB

TNB Live Friday 11/20 8pm PST – Jong of Forbearance – http://bit.ly/093lWNQ

Sorry, no time for a pretty post, I’m too busy doing my hair in anticipation of Jong’s appearance on TNB tonight!

Assuming I can reclaim the PC from Odin, I will see you there!

Gnomer and Out, Squidly and I’m sooo excited!

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Resto Shaman, Where For Art Thou?

The question was asked on Twisted Nether Blogcast the other day

Where are the Resto Shaman Blogs?

Ok, that wasn’t the question, but for once I was “there” so I am just quoting based on my short term memory.

My immediate response was to reel of a series of blogs that deal to some extent or another with Resto Shaman.

You can find them on my ReadByGnome page as well as listed out below, but still it raised an interesting thought.

  • Priest blogs… Dime a dozen
  • Tree Blogs… Just waiting for the forest fire to thin them out…
  • Pally Blogs… Boring… Well how much can you write about one, maybe two healing spells.
  • Resto Shamanism seems to be one of those areas that suffer as much burnout as altaholics grinding Argent Crusade rep (more…)

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Now We’re Talking: DPS

Now we’re talking!

I am being appreciated for what I am, who I am… DPS!

Sure it took a Shadow Priest to acknowldge me, but Gnomeaggedon has a lot to say on this subject, so thanks for the invite Cassandri, let me begin.

Whoah there little Gnome! What make you think Cass was talking about you?

Ummm Mage = DPS in it’s purest sense, so of course she is talking about me.

Pffft you think you can heal, but I can’t DPS? Step aside little Gnome before a cloven hoof tattoos your bald spot!

Cassandri brings us up to speed (more…)

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This is a post in many parts, most of them not mine, but let me get straight to the cookies and cocoa, because I know you want to comment but the blog police (as opposed to the Blizzard police) are bringing you down man.

Aunty TJ mentioned a little Firefox Plugin…


You back yet?

Got it installed?

Good back on track.. (more…)

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  • He was the king of the Huntards.
    The kind of Hunter that makes even Huntards cringe.
  • Then there were the WSG flag carriers that were too 1337 to carry the flag.
  • Then there was the gift I received on the last day of my holiday.

King of the Huntards

I was in AB when I got a whisper asking me to heal HCoS. Actually, there was no whisper, just a blind invite.

I had to decline multiple times before I got a break in the action (also known as death) to whisper him. I told him I was in AB thus couldn’t join him.

His response… An invite.

Unfortunately (on so many levels) the AB was a quick loss. So I took the next invite and rushed down to CoS.

The party was waiting impatiently for me, so I popped the crates (what had they been doing?).

Arthas started his spiel, we waited at the gates. As Arthas finally arrived the Huntard announced (more…)

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