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Yes I am…

You’re Gnomeaggedon?

Yes I am!

After close enough to an hour of trying to get Squidly’s 1st Headless Horseman group together I managed to get a DK that could tank if need be and he had a couple of level 80 mates.

They were still en-route so I asked whether the group wanted me to get my Mage for an extra summon after this group was finished.

Everyone agreed it was a good idea, in fact nearly everyone else had extra toons they could grab too. So I said…

OK, brb, relogging on Gnomeaggedon

You’re Gnomeaggedon?

I had one of those blogger moments… Is this a reader… Is this a stalker… Who is this?

Yes I am!

As the logout timer counts down I see…

<– I’m Zain!

Ohhh, minor disappointment, he’s an old guildy, GM in fact, rather than a fanboy (more…)

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