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  • Let’s celebrate Rhii’s second 80
  • Let’s celebrate Saresa’s psycho Tree healing site.
  • Let’s celebrate Almaster, because he’s there, he’s a Pally and he’s tagged me too
  • Let’s celebrate Mages across Azeroth that have put down their fireballs, arcane blasts and deepfreeze for a little healing love.

I have been tagged by Rhii, Saresa and Almaster, two of whom like me, are DPS gone to the light side. I had seen this meme floating around, but haven’t had the chance to peruse it in any of posts properly.

Rhii gives a breakdown on where it has all come from:

I decided to steal the most excellent Miss Medicina’s non-meme questionnaire. Which I also read about on Tamarind, Oriniwen, and Kyrilean’s blogs. Since I’ve been a healer for such a short time, nobody’s likely to tag me so I tag me! Besides, it’s not a meme, I don’t need to be tagged to play. YAY! So here goes.

What is the name, class, and spec of your primary healer?

Gnomeaggedon, Gnome Frostfire Mage (more…)

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