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The Horde are in our base eating our babies


Galv, GalvGalv!

AV hasn’t been going in my favor. More losses than wins. There was one win where a small but determined defense managed to slaughter the Horde over and over again on our bridge, but that rarely goes well.

The problem is Galv… Or Galv and the 1/2 dozen Horde assisting him.

Well that’s a part of the problem, the other problem is the 35 lemmings I’m playing with (more…)

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Healing makes me a meanie!

I totally stole the title of this post from a comment by Rhii… Thank you Rhii

She said some things in that post that made me realize that it’s the healers of a party that are really bad arse.

Taking a bullet… or not!

Gnomeaggedon, as a dress wearing wet paper bag of a squishy DPS, would take a bullet for anyone in the party.

  • Mob heading at the healer, here snack on me 1st.
  • Too many on the tank… Never fear, Gnomer is here to kite them at least 20 yards before chewing dirt.

Likewise you see Tanks charging left, intercepting right, taking the hits that would split a normal hero in half. The tanks job is to take the bullets as many bullets as possible.

Healers… (more…)

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We Want You! Healers in Battlegrounds

npc are you scared

Coming from the perspective of a 3 foot squishy Mage, Gnomeaggedon could never understand why anyone would want to heal in Battlegrounds.

insane squidly

They are scary places where often the cloth wearer is the 1st to die. If you have any interest in PvP you would have read or heard that the Healer should always be the priority #1 target (more…)

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LFG fail

Cross server LFG is on it’s way to us, soon if I remember right, and Presby comment from the other day got me wondering.

As things stand at the moment:

Instances and summoning stones

Right now our LFG PuG options are limited to our own realm. You can enter LFG from anywhere in the world for instances that are considered level appropriate (one of my bugbears, but I’ll let it go for now).

Once you group is formed you all head to the instance, well at least two of you do, and use the summoning stone located nearby (more…)

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I got asked a doozy of a question by Lytha about Resto Shaman PvP specs.

It’s a doozy because I don’t have a simple answer right now, but since when has ignorance ever stopped me posting a “guide”?

Maybe if Jagerbombz was still writing Shaman stuff he could fill us in.  Maybe one of the other Resto bloggers out there will know.  Maybe the answer is in your head.

I sort of figure that there is a bucket load of knowledge out there amongst the 12 million (12,000,000 seems bigger doesn’t it?) WoW players and someone will have a definitive answer.

Meanwhile I am always open to speculation, shooting my damn fool mouth off and near enough is good enough (the kind of thinking that has made our once great nation Australia).

The way I see it there are two different styles of BGs, which could (ie: don’t need to, but could) support two different spec styles. (more…)

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Carbonite, GTFO of my Dalaran!


  • WoW disconnects
  • Lagaran
  • Freeze frame boss fights

Sound familiar?

  • Uninstall Lagonite!
  • Ignore Lagonite users!

Only a few days ago I was musing that WoW disconnects had gotten smarter. There is no real evidence of this, but a couple of things that the comments highlighted were:

  1. Since 3.2.2 disconnects have become more frequent, and
  2. Thanks to Lethal’s link there are many ways to improve your play experience, including shafting mods with large messaging requirements.

Driving solution to disconnects

My disconnecting stopped once I did a manual update of my net and video drivers (via windows update and vendor website), so that’s a great 1st place to start (more…)

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northrend bound


Very little, but well.

  • Hellfire Peninsula (explored 8/18, quests: 19/80)
  • Zangarmarsh (explored 16/18, quests: 22/54)
  • Terrokar Forest (explored 9/21, quests: 14/63)

and that’s it!

It’s not like I was comprehensive in my exploration or questing either.

No question I am lacking the goods:

  • Gear (Average iLevel: 85.91)
  • Skinning 333 / 375
  • Cooking 100?
  • Fishing: 150?
  • Herbalism 219 / 300
  • Experience (Apparently I have done 43 instances vs 127 battlegrounds)

Now I am going to be stretched through Azeroth, Outland and Northrend while I bring everything up to speed

Stopping at 1%


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