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Worgens… Whatever…
Goblins… Good on ya…

I want a real race.

I want one with class, with a back story everyone already knows.

I want one with radioactive super powers!

leper gnome

I want a Leper Gnome! (more…)

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Stacking Dailies

  • You can stack consumables
  • You can stack classes
  • You can stack buffs
  • But you can’t stack dailies.

The Log

Sure you can have up to 25 quests in your log and you can do up to 25 dailies in a day, but you can’t stack the same type of daily.

As a casual player (am I allowed to call myself that… I guess not) I don’t get to play every day. I like to pick up the dailies of interest, when I can, but just because they are in my log doesn’t mean I get to complete them, or even start them. (more…)

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Healers need Mages because…

Continuing on from Tanks need Mages because…

Healers need Mages because…

I’m the 1st to admit that Mages don’t really need healers.

I’m usually the lowest on the healing recieved meter (Ok, dead Gnomes get no heals, but…) (more…)

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Tanks need Mages because

Who needs Mages?

Tanks need Mages!

They don’t need us for healing admittedly, although I have popped a bandage on a tank before when we were the last two standing.

No, Tanks need Mages for the challenge of playing a Tank, we make life… Errr hmmm… Fun!


Mages measure their ability to play their class by DPS. Tanks measure their ability via TPS (more…)

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… and It annoys me a little bit.

  • If you’ve got a Mage, you use it.
  • If you don’t, I’m sure you’ve seen it used.

You tend to notice when your Mage population instantly expands.

Where there was one, there are now four or five (add a few more if you have some VooDoo Gnomes along for the ride).

Three or four of them throwing frostbolts like snowballs, the other slightly more intelligent one mixing it up with their flavor of the month spell of choice.

If you thought the Mage overpopulation was confusing, imagine how the mobs feel, whether lackeys or bosses they now don’t know who to hit.

We are just a little vain

Mages love them for a variety of reasons, not the least being 4 or 5 naked Gnomes is always better than 1. (more…)

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See, I Told You!

This is Odin’s (my son) favorite phrase when he does something we have warned him about, only to have it come true.

G.N.O.O.B. Rage

I expressed my frustration at Alliance EoTS groups the other day. Their practice of grabbing one tower then fighting over a flag that will give crap returns has made me frustrated and angry… Angry enough that I now wear a deserters buff rather than bang my head on my desk in frustration.

I just want to clearly show you what happens when one side grabs and controls the 4 towers & ruins (more…)

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Groovy Gnew Gnomeaggedon

Nothing has changed here at the Home of the Gnome.

If you are viewing this via a blog-standard web browser you wont notice anything different.

However, if you are, like me, the proud owner of an iPhone or similar web enabled phone, gnomeaggeon.net will have a brand new look! (more…)

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