Archive for August 25th, 2009

Stuff happened.

I wasn’t there.

I haven’t even read about yet because I have been housecleaning.

Literally and Blog Feederly.

FeedReader Cleanup everything

Yep I’ve been casting living bomb indiscriminately on most (but not all) of the feeds in my reader.

A month down the track, the approximately 2000 posts was too much for me. 260+ Mage posts is daunting enough!

I’ve also spent the last week and a half cleaning up my Mum’s house. 3 skips, multiple Op Shop trips and 2.5 truck loads later, Mum’s house is empty. My house on the other hand has 3 unusable rooms, a garage and a front porch packed to the rafters.

Anyway, just cause I am ignorant doesn’t mean I can’t comment…


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