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prison guards leaving

WoW, what a weekend!

In many ways it was just another weekend, but in others it was awesome. What’s more it’s ended with a dilemma… and we all like a dilemma don’t we?

Where to begin… Maybe the beginning…

8 man OS+1

Ok, that didn’t happen, but we did try! …and try again, and again. We were close, but there was no Cuban cigar.

But, I get ahead of myself… Last time we hit OS, it was with similar intentions, but we were filled out to a 10 man with a couple of PuGs. We took down 2 drakes then failed a few times at the boss. The PuGs then exploded, told us what they thought of us and dropped group.

Of course we went on to finish the boss off after taking his mate down separately.

So this Friday, as we downed the 2nd drake down in preparation for our Boss+1 kill, we got a little unexpected joy (more…)

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Skill Priority mods

My most loyal reader writes in to ask a question:

oh scorchy green-haired one:

I was listening to The Instance podcast last week, and they mentioned an addon that sounded great to me: Watcher. It’s supposed to help you play your class more effectively, and of course, I want to do so. the only problem? This addon has no mage love. I guess there are other addons out there for other caster classes (they mentioned facemelter & others), but I have yet to find one for mages.

Do you know of one that works like this?

The Scorchy Green-haired one responds:

I heard about that on The Instance as well and was a little curious, not curious enough to follow it up until you wrote in mind you, but curious none-the-less.

So I had a look… Looks like an awesome mod, but I don’t think it’s for us (more…)

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The Origins of Forum Trolls

  • If you have ever gone anywhere near the official WoW forums, you will have encountered them.
  • If you have read blogs, you may have encountered them.
  • If you have read just about anything on the Internet, you have most likely seen them.

Forum Trolls

They are nothing new. They existed long before WoW and they will continue to exist long after WoW CDs are gathering dust in the back of your cupboard.

Euripides was a forum Troll that evolved to provide a channel for Trolls to flock to.

But back before Euripides read his first forum, maybe before he was born, before online forums themselves were born, there was a bunch of Poms that defined the art of Forum Trolling (more…)

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If you’ve ever stepped into an instance or raid, made an attempt on a boss, died, released and tried to renter the instance or the bosses room whole the battle still rages, you will know what I am talking about.

Quick note: do not release! Never release until the last party member is dead AND the call is made to release and run.

If you release you most likely won’t be allowed into the instance or the bosses room. If you aren’t in the instance (even as a corpse) when the boss goes down, you just lost all loot, emblems and credit for the kill.

If you can’t get in, you may as well watch and cry. Better yet, watch and learn as I did while watching a Heigan fail… I learned, danced and got the achievement next time around.

If you release before the call is made you may cost your party/raid 10 minutes while they wait for you if there is a rezzer safe and ready to go.

Mmmm so much for a quick note…

Anyway, back on topic… (more…)

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I (we, my wife and I) must be doing something right. Not just an offer to help with the daily chores, but a polite one. I guess I should appreciate it while it lasts… I dare say as he gets older both the offer of assistance and the politeness will dry up.

One week shy of 3 years old, and my little one is shaping up just fine.

  • He helps with the dishes
  • He wants to cook… One of his favorite things is rolling out the roti.
  • He’s toilet trained, past the bribery stage, and wants to do it all himself.
  • He not just wants to go to bed, but virtually insists on doing it all himself… Even wants to “read” the book to himself.

What more can a proud Dad ask for (more…)

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There is an unwritten rule of Mage v. Lock relations.

Hate the other publicly, envy them privately.

OK, maybe not so unwritten.

OK, maybe it’s written nearly everywhere on every Mage and Lock blog, forum, guild website plus many more.

Well, the hate bit anyway, I guess I can’t really speak for other Mages, but I don’t hate Locks.

Fear them a little yes, but hate them… Not even a little.

Of course the days of the Burning Crusade are long gone (more…)

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I’m not the L2P kind of Gnome.

Neither am I the “here’s 10g see me in the morning” kind of Gnome.

I’m the “let me teach you tadpole” kind of Gnome… Generally…


I rolled a Gnome Dwarf Night Elf Human Draenei Shaman. I was inspired by Larisa‘s baby Druid and Ydraisa’s comment about leveling in innocence.

Ultimately I want a healer, but don’t want another Pally, Druid or Priest. So I rolled a Shaman. I tried every Alliance race combination, knowing full well there was no choice in the matter. I tried them twice, three times, then accepted my only “option” was Draenei (more…)

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