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Totally Owned by a 72 DK!

Currently, as I write this, running some old world raids.

Onyxia and AQ20 down already.

2 Gnomes

 We picked up a 72 DK for the night…

He’s totally owning me on the Damage Meters!

Who says DKs are OP?

Might keep him I think…

Gnomer and Out!

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So a week ago I embarked on the long, long daily quest grind to get Exalted with the Sons of Hodir.

There was only one reason for doing so, and it had nothing to do with the reported excellent quest line, daily gold gains, or even the quiet chuckle at the innuendo that surrounds the Sons of Hodir… Thrusting Hodir’s spear… seriously…

Greater Inscription of the Storm

No, it was all about one thing, and one thing only, increasing my performance.

I am not a big fan of dailies.  I am still not exalted at Sunwell, even though every man and their 2nd Alt is.  Argent Tournament is one of those things to kill time.  The idea of doing 40 days worth of dailies, probably 1 or 2 a week, just sent shivers down my spine.  I had heard that you can “glitch” the quest line (more…)

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OK Folks,

Time for a few important reminders.

Me 1st

Blogday gifts

I have a couple, and I know you want to send me more.

There is only a couple of weeks left, so :

  • Send me at least 1, if not all 5 gifts:
    – Up to 20 questions
    – GnomeShots
    – Gnomefluence
    – Gnome weekend that was
    – Mages/Gnomes suck/are the best because…
  • Send your content to me before June 19th
  • Send it to gnomeaggedon At gmail DOT com (because that’s the easiest way to send me all 5!)
  • Email Subject should be Gnomers Gifts
  • If you want to actually catch up with me on Aman’thul, drop me a line before hand so I know that you might be looking for me between 7.30-8.30pm or 2-3am on a Friday night/Saturday morning AEST time (server time (more…)

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I have noticed a common thread amongst my cud chewing Tauren, spliff blowing Troll, zug zugging Orc, bone rattling forsaken and magic fume sniffing Blood Elf blogging colleagues.

The dislike Gnomes!?

  • They have grudging respect for Dwarves and their beer swilling antics.
  • They lurv the Draenei chicks and their tentacles (especially in plate)
  • They envy The Human relationship skills, and the reputation that it brings.
  • They hate the Night Elves, but then, who doesn’t?

But Gnomes…

It seems to oscillate between complete hatred to complete ambivalence (more…)

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Space Crusade


It was a mate’s birthday over the weekend (let’s call him WildMan), so after our chilly BBQ, we headed back to his place to down a few brews and Aliens.

Mr.Z! And another mate (TRex) joined us for the night.

WildMan dragged out a board game, Space Crusade, which I have never played before, but it’s basically the same concept as Space Hulk (more…)

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A small confession


I (the author) of this blog, am not really a Gnome (more…)

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Mr Offspec & I

My Mr offspec post from yesterday was intended as a tongue-in-cheek poke at an old mate of mine (who carried the “Mr Offspec” tag in his guild note for quite a while), primarily for those mates that I know read this blog, but also for general entertainment.

Arioch has probably captured my thoughts perfectly, but as my wife will tell you…

I can’t tell a story in a couple of words, when I could write a book about it instead.

About Us
Now to be fair, we do in fact have a system to handle main spec rolls and off spec rolls, through to DE’ing and distribution processes… so generally, there wouldn’t (shouldn’t) be an issue with a Mr Offspec situation.

We are a close knit group of 7 mates that play on a Friday night, while we all want a bit of loot, it is extremely common for any one of us to pass on an item to ensure that the group as a whole is better equipped, thus a) more capable of downing any boss/encounter and b) the loss of any one member of the party will not be so detrimental as to automatically equal a wipe (4 horseman on Friday is a good example, where even though the 2 top DPS went down early, while 9 manning the encounter, we still managed to pull through).

Our Goal

Our current goal is to gear up the group (more…)

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