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FailFest Friday

Urrrghhh…. Friday /fail

It was our Non-Naxx, Non-Old World night…

The night that we take on VoA, OS and a little bit of Naxx (OK, so I lied about it being a non-Naxx night… but what else can we do?)

I put in a special request with my mates that we take on CoT Culling of Stratholme, for purely selfish reasons.  I couldn’t bare the thought that a fellow blogger might have a Bronze Drake while I didn’t.  Can’t have a Troll one-upping a Gnome now can we? They agreed, but it was going to be tight, so I made sure I was on early, ready and waiting…

Cookery Failery

Waiting… yeah, what to do while waiting… Cooking Achievements!

I had placed some pre-orders at the AH, so I grabbed nearly everything I would need from the mailbox, and got to it…

Captain Rumsey

I had been gloating to Prelimar about how I had the recipe, so it was 1st cab off the rank. (more…)

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PPI redirect

A Public Service announcement on behalf of Larisa… I think she’s having a Murloc Monday

I quote:

Monday, June 22, 2009

Technical issues

Posted by Larísa
If you can read this post you’re not the one I’m trying to reach. Does this sound cryptic?

The thing is that it seems as if my old domain address http://pinkpigtailinn.blogspot.com doesn’t work. It used to redirect visitors to www.pinkpigtailinn.com, but not so any longer. I don’t know if this is a temporary issue or a permanent change of things. And no matter what it is – I have no idea what to do about it. So I just want to get out the word: please change your bookmarks and links to PPI to the new domain address, or my voice will be lost in the eternal sea of Internet.

But how could I get in touch with the ones who need to know it and tell them that their virtual pub hasn’t closed, just moved? I have no idea.

Proper posts are incoming later this week. Don’t lose hope!

Cheers from your innkeeper

Gnomer and Out
https://gnomeaggedon.net/2009/06/22/ psa-for-larisa-pink-pigtail-inn /

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Murloc Mondays


Ever have Murloc Mondays?

The one’s where you crawl out of bed with a guttural thwirl…

  • You spill the coffee
  • You burn the toast.
  • You forget to shave, or do your hair.
  • Your zipper is undone
  • Maybe you walk out the door and realize you still have your PJ’s on.

Maybe you walk out the door in your PJs and as the door slams you realize to don’t have your house keys on you (this happened to me once… I had to get a guy to being my spare key from work while I shivered on the side of the road… But then I wasn’t going to work that day, this the PJs.

I woke one morning recently, said Hi to Twitter, and was greeted by Strumpet101 with a

good morning sunshine

I responded Murloc style (more…)

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So the bastard sons and daughters will be acknowledged by their father in patch 3.2.

Now of course for many years now many players have considered twinkers bastards, especially when they enter battlegrounds with their stock standard toons for a bit of fun to break up the leveling grind.

I had a quick look through the patch notes this morning and noted that coming in patch 3.2 is the ability to stop earning XP.

This is awesome news on a whole lot of different levels, so let’s cover some of them (more…)

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I may be vain, but…


I may be vain, but I think I rock!

Especially when I’m the last Gnome standing…

To be honest, it’s not the way I normally think of myself. I tend to focus more on the things I do wrong, rather than remembering the things I get right.

But I had one of those nights the other night that highlighted the things I got right, the biggest of them being staying alive… Most of the time… (more…)

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PvP combat modes I would like to see

I have an itch to expand our Battleground options.  I think battlegrounds are best, both for size and availability to the average gamer.  Here’s what would be required, and the way I would love them to play out.



  • A minimum of two new battlegrounds
  • A new level of flight training
  • New battleground specific mounts/vehicles
  • NPC targets

Aerial combat


This idea spawned from the joy I get from flying into the Caverns of Time and my desire to race my carpet in there… Which really has nothing to do with combat, but I think CoT would make a great battleground.

The basic premise is Horde v. Alliance mounted aerial combat. There are a couple of phases to it though.. (more…)

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I have been a little tardy in spreading the word on this one, but I see that other Mage blogs have been doing their bit, and WoW.com gave it a plug the other day, so I didn’t feel I was failing the Mage community.

However, on the off chance that you only read one Mage blog, and that’s this one, let me tell you about it… (more…)

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