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Yer, umm here’s my weekly weekend wrap up… which is normally up on a Tuesday or Wednesday, but with playtime starting for this weekend in 3 hours, I better knock out last week’s….

I didn’t get to play on Friday night, in part because I played for a little while on Thursday, but I did get a bit of play time on Saturday.

The good part about this was that I got to do a few heroics…

The bad bit as the 9 items my mates DE’d

I am sure a couple of those had my name on them…

AN Achievements

Dropped in on Azjol-The-Noob, 1st time in once again my 1st run through an encounter is a heroic… well, let’s face it, they all will be. (more…)

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A while back a commenter suggested that /stopcasting was no longer relevant in casting macros.

I had forgotten all about it until /stopcasting was positively mentioned in a comment by Velinath to my Magetard post.

I (respectably) disagree with the original commenter, and happily agree with Velinath.

Sure you don’t need it so much to combat lag… So much, because Blizzard fixed the casting system a while back to allow “queuing” of your next spell.

However, there are times, and more specifically spells that may require you to act instantly, canceling your current spell to launch the more important spell or skill.

If you have just started a 3 second cast, only to find:

  • The mob is coming right at you
  • Someone is cursed
  • You got ganked
  • A mob just got an uber buff
  • Your sheep broke
  • A mob is casting a nasty spell

What are you going to do? (more…)

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Account Cancelled

Account Cancelled

Have you ever seen this screen before?

What brought you to this point? (more…)

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You may have noticed that I love drawing your attention to Mage blogs.

Primarily because there seem to be so few, then suddenly out of no where one appears.

The problem I find is that no sooner have I found the one, then I find a little trail leading to another and another and another.

So today I am going to share some Gifts (Blogs brought to my attention) and discoveries (blogs I stumbled across) (more…)

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Magetard: like a Huntard, only worse

Pie at ForTheHorde had a great post about avoiding tardness as a Hunter by practicing, practicing and practicing a bit more.

His point was that while leveling and grinding we tend to fall back on lazy practices which will inhibit our ability to excel in instances and raids.

Fundamentally you can get away with sloppy play while soloing. Likewise there is rarely a need to challenge yourself, and on those occasions when a solo pull goes pear shaped, there is a good chance you will accept a ghost run rather than practice “wipe recovery”.

Noobaggedon the Magetard

Reading this post so soon after my Noobaggedon post, it really struck a cord. It occurred to me that I am a sloppy Mage, a Magetard (not a term you hear every day).

I think a part of the problem comes from the very “glass” nature of being a Mage and had been accentuated in my case by both being a Fire Mage and a suicide PvP Mage (and it doesn’t help having limited playtime… But that is ultimately just another excuse).

When I die, I think nothing of it and neither to my group mates. If someone is going to die, it will probably be the dps with the least health, right? Last in line for heals, and 1st to pull aggro.

Here are some of my failings as a Mage: (more…)

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Do Gnomes smoke?

Dalaran from Mechanostrider

For a long time now I have had a quiet chuckle each time I launched myself onto my Mechanostrider and head off.

The reason is the huge puff of smoke that shoots out the back of my strider to the cacophony of squeaking and spluttering Gnome Engineered parts.

But I noticed something when I jumped on my immaculately groomed Cenarion War Hippogryph and launched myself into the sky the other day… (more…)

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Noobaggedon of Nooberegan

Noobaggedon of Nooberegan

I am a noob, present tense.

I will be a noob, future tense.

I was a noob, past tense.

This post is about past tense, but I will not rule out present or future tense.

Thank you Luthvian for making me relive my embarrassing past, present & future…. some Birthday present!



I mentioned this a little while ago at ForTheHorde, Lactic Acid may not yet have recovered, so I am risking the death of a damn good blogger in repeating this, but…

My 1st toon was a Hunter. My 1st pet was the scruffy Alpha Worg. I love that dog, my wife in her one WoW related moment, named it and I still have it.

Anyway, we all know the bane of all parties in an instance is the Hunter’s pet, the problem was, what to do with it (more…)

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