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Good Guildy! How to be one

I have seen lots of blog posts about guild leadership, if you are looking for them start with Matt and keep going.

I have seen lots of posts about recruiting for your guild, or finding the right guild for you.

I have seen lots of posts about being a good class player, nearly every class blog has at least one of those.

I have seen lots of posts about being a good raid leader or raid member.

What I haven’t seen, at least many of, is a post about being a good guild member.

Good Guildy! How to be one (more…)

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See I am still here!

Karch has been doing a great job answering his readers questions (why don’t I get questions? Oh yeah, I had one about whether you should stay Fire spec back in TBC. Apart from that they are just questions about help getting $millions out of Nigeria)

Anyway he had one the other day about how to fix low DPS, which prompted me to respond asking when do you know if your DPS is too low and does it really matter.

Now admittedly if you are only doing 1,000 DPS and you aren’t doing burning crusade content at level 70, then your DPS is too low.

I have seen on various forums that numbers such as 1,200 – 1,400 is acceptable for starting heroics and 1,400 to 1,600 is acceptable for starting Naxx (more…)

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Account Cancelled

I cancelled my WoW account (don’t panic… keep reading).

Real Life has heated up, and on Mother’s day, I made the decision to cancel my account and focus more on the variety of RL things until I can afford space for the game.

It’s funny because this reminds me of a post spurred by Larisa a long time ago… My Last 5 hours of Wow – The Gnomeaggedon Cometh.

Things are a bit different in this scenario, Blizzard isn’t shutting down servers, no one else is in a 5 hour gore fest of last chance playing, no I am canceling my subscription and everyone else will log on tomorrow, and it is unlikely that anyone will even notice my absence, well only a few will anyway (more…)

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Saturday Night’s alright to Party: but leave the Death Knights at Home!

The weekend that was… pretty good when all is said an done.

Friday night was Naxx10 night, but it took a while to get the group together.

All 7 of us mates where ready and waiting, but some nights it’s so hard to find just one more.

Unfortunately the “one more” we got was a Mage…. (Actually fortunately, he wasn’t that well geared, but knew his job, and his main dropped in to help us with Gluth) (more…)

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Blizzcon Exterior

Geez, I’m a lucky guy to bring to your attention Not 1, Not 2, but 3 awesome competitions that are running right now.

Normally I am just pimping Mage blogs, but this time round there is something in it for you beyond awesome reading.

Yep, we are talking awesome prizes!

I figure this is a good place to pimp these competitions, after all you will need to do something magical to win, and if there is one thing Mages are full of (apart from Tauren droppings), it’s magic!

I feel particularly good about this after you folk gave so much to Brigwyn’s child’s play charity auction. *

Competition #1


  • Did you get your Blizzcon ticket… No?
  • Didn’t bother because you couldn’t afford accommodation or airfares?

Well here’s the competition for you! (more…)

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What class is he?


I can see he dual specs, and he is great at turfing missiles across the room.


At 1st thought he is a Hunter, but as much as he loves his fluffy stuffed non-combat pets, he runs screaming from any furry creature with blood pumping through it’s body (more…)

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Dear WordPress… Stop eating my posts!

Why can’t you handle an interruption caused by a phone call? You app is designed to run on an iPhone?

Why do you tell me you recovered the post, let me save and finish the post… Yet when I open it again, there is nothing but a blank page!

Here we go again…

I have a dirty dual spec secret… (more…)

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