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Ages and ages ago, I made a post about my search for a Mage gear spreadsheet.

It has proven to be one of my most read posts, while also being one of my least commented posts.

I guess people are just using it for the links to the tools that I dismissed.

Anyway, now I am 80 the time has come for comparisons once again, so I have started looking about for tools again. (more…)

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Auto looting: missed by that much

Patch…. Is treating me pretty well I think, but I wouldn’t be my usual well adjusted Gnomish self if I didn’t bitch about something, so…

Auto-looting is great.
One head goes into the boss’ sack and passes the badges about. The biggest issue is I often panic that I didn’t get the badge, but all good.

Maybe I don’t need the spam when the other 24 folks get their badges, just tell me about mine.

Missed by that much…

Thing that annoys me about this is why couldn’t Blizzard go one teeny weeny step further and give us auto looting of quest drops. (more…)

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So how about those instance maps guys?

I finally hit “M” while in an instance, and I have to say the wait was worth it… Well maybe not such a long wait, but it is still awesome to both get an instance map and see my position and my parties position real time.

Just Awesome!

The only change I want is to include this for all those bloody caves and buildings that are scattered across the world.

Nothing more frustrating than trying to find my way out of a stinking cave, that is displayed in miniature on my minimap, but when I hit “M” I get the world map.

Anyway, Begging Gnomes can’t be choosing Gnomes.

Gnomer and Out! (more…)

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Children’s Week Quest Guide

Children’s Week Quest Guide

There is only one quest worth mentioning…


Head over to The Hunting Lodge, and help Brigwyn out with Children’s Week Child’s Play Charity Auction, there is a little bit more information in the update.

It’s all to help Child’s Play


Let’s face it… we are all children, and we love to play… but you can make a difference here, so go on, put your questing boots on and go lend a hand!

Blog Scrappers, please feel free to steal this post and distribute it widely…  I mean it’s a quest guide right… you love to take them.. take it, spread the word! (more…)

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What a weekend!

I was at a LAN, but primarily to catch up with my old mates in person for a change.

No Vent lag when you are all in the same room.

Anyway, I decided to stand my mates up for our usual (traditional) Friday night run. Instead I signed up for Guild Naxx raids for both Friday and Saturday nights. It’s so rare that I get to play both nights and combined with the chance to run Naxx 25, the opportunity was too good to miss.

Sorry guys, back with you next week!

So what did I do from Friday afternoon through to Sunday afternoon?


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I have sort of taken a bit of a break over the last week, so sorry for the lack of posts and responses to comments.

Over the last week two of my posts have received a lot of attention:

Sorry to ruin your day on both counts.

Anyway my take on the WoWMatrix blockage. (more…)

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I have to be the luckiest Gnome under the Azeroth sun!

I told you yesterday about my swag of achievements and loot from the Easter weekend, but I am wondering if that compares to the loot roll I won yesterday.

What’s better than a few pixels of in-game loot? (more…)

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