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Conciously avoiding Noblegarden

I have made a firm decision.

I am not going to participate in Noblegarden.

I was never in the running for the meta achievement or it’s winged reward, but I used to enjoy a bit of in-game event participation.

Love is in the Air broke my desire though, an I figure I have better use of by playtime and energy.

So I quite happily state:

I will not garden the nobles and I am happy about it.

For all of you chasing eggs… Good luck!

Gnomer and out! (more…)

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WoW for iphone?

I don’t know if this is for real, but if it is I can see the divorce court on the horizon.

Play World Warcraft your iPhone

In all seriousness, I can’t see myself raiding, or instancing, or questing using this.

But I guess I could do all that tradeskill stuff that consumes so much PC time, which basically I don’t have.

But then, my wife would rapidly become suspicious when I head to the toilet for an hour at a time to play…

Anyway check out the video and ponder the future of portable gaming.

Gnomer and Out (more…)

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