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Spring Cleaning…

Spring Autumn Cleaning has occurred on my blogroll

I haven’t deleted too many, just those that really really have gone… without a forwarding address.

If your WoW blog is missing, drop me a ling via Contact Gnome above.

It was interesting to note how many of last year’s prolific blogs have gone stale.. strangely around the release of WoLK.

I am leaving them… I have seen one resurrection this week, there may be more.

Gnomer and Out!

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Another one of those, “I did this, I got that posts”, but my screenshot trigger finger is itchy, and I will be buggered if I aren’t going to torture you with my “holiday slideshow”.

So pull up a pew, prop your head at just the right angle to convince me you are still awake, and let those “sleep nods” acknowledge your appreciation for my awesomeness!

I know it’s a small thing, but I just love the way people are knocking up campfires around Dalaran while doing their cooking dailies… it makes it so much more convenient than heading back to the inn to cook up the latest dish before doing the delivery boy thing.
Latest in the range of Mage disguises is the Cute Dead Chick disguise. (more…)

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