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WoW is like bringing up kids

Are you a WoW playing parent? Have you ever considered how transferable skills and terms from WoW are to parenthood?

Are you childless, but considering (or expecting) a family real soon?

I was chatting with Arrens this morning on Twitter, and it occurs to me how many of the concepts are transferable.

Maybe this little guide will help you better understand what is really happening in RL via the WoW analogy.


CC commonly mistaken for Crowd Control, is really meant to be Child Control.  It’s it funny how once something is abbreviated we loose the true meaning.  Remember that next time you CC a Gnome… that Gnome is probably shorter than your own broodling.

Feign Death

Apparently working as intended because patch after patch there is no update, but it is really borked. In theory it’s an instant aggro dump, but anyone with a child knows that it has the opposite effect. Play dead and you will have a toddler jumping all over you for hours. They must have found some targeting mod on “Curse you Parents” site.


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Short one for Kriz

Hey Kriz,

I know exactly what you mean about long posts meaning you never catch up on all the feeds. I have a minimum of 200+ through to 1,000+ in my feedreader at any point in time… Occasionally I just flame strike a whole bunch away, then wonder what I have missed.

So in summary… (more…)

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Guide: It Goes to 11…

OK, I admit, this one isn’t hard, but it can be frustrating if you get your targeting wrong.

I enjoyed this quest and it’s lead up. Really though, a 3 foot Gnome using a 15 foot harpoon launching flaming arrows at buildings way across a ravine, then at the drakes that come to stop me. This should be a daily!

Anyway, the only reason I am writing about it at all is when I did this quest I spent 5 minutes blasting the buildings for no effect. So, I thought maybe you had to hit the buildings for a certain amount of damage before they were destroyed.

Not so, it is just about targeting the right spot of each building.

I think this is an Alliance only quest.. so sorry Hordies… (more…)

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Gnomish Research: Spells

Klepsacovic suggests it might be Warlock Envy (alright.. any class envy) when Larisa was thinking of new Mage spells, but I also think that instead of the odd new polymorph skin or icon change as a Mage buff, we should be receiving some new and interesting spells.

Now these are just some really rough ideas, thrown quickly into my blog editor, I expect that Blizzard could polish these up, and you wise readers out there could come up with other suggestions.

Here are mine… give me yours!


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Thanks for coming…


There is a good chance that if you are reading this you aren’t one of my usual daily readers, so a warm 1st time welcome to you.

If you did come just for the level 19 Warlock twink guides then I hope they help you out. Yes they are a little out of date, particularly the gear guide, but in general the they hold true.

I note there have been a couple of correction comments and suggestion comments and for that I can’t thank you enough! Keep them coming, afterall my intention was to gather as much information as possible about twinking a lock in one spot as possible. Your comments make this all the more possible.

In fact I would go one step further. If you think you can fill in some gaps, print make the guide better, then feel free to contact me via the ContactGnome link at the top of this page.

Meanwhile, as you are here, take a look around. I may not have the warm hearth that my Gnomish magely friend Larisa has, or the class of that Frosty foe KrizzlyBear has, but there is heaps of Mage and Gnome content (just for starters) to keep you occupied.


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OK, maybe not your average Tauren, and I was told to stay out of sight, but Gnome and Tauren share a canoe. (more…)

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Twinking your level 19 Warlock: Part 6. Heirloom items

<<  Part 5. Twink Spells

I know, I haven’t made any new additions in ages. But then I haven’t had chance to level to 80, let alone either play my baby lock, or review my guides for changes to spells and talents.

Until I get the chance, you folk will just have to work a few things out for yourselves.

BUT, if you have any feedback on the current accuracy of the guides, I would love to hear from you.

The one pressing addition to the guide from my perspective is the “new” Heirloom items. (more…)

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