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Noob or Inexperienced?


Can you spot the difference between noob and inexperienced, or maybe uneducated?

I know noobish players get up everyone’s goat, usually after just one glance or experience.

Things like these earn a player the title of noob:

  • Unsockected or incorrectly gemed gear.
  • Turning up at the wrong instance
  • Wearing gear with the wrong stats.
  • Rolling on gear that is more appropriate for another class.
  • Inability to kite
  • Inability to trap
  • Asking “stupid” questions
  • Not using correct rank spells
  • Not being able to find your way back through an instance after a wipe.
  • Selling things for the wrong price on the AH.
  • Not knowing the little red man means you need to repair your gear.

The list goes on and on. I am sure you can think of many more yourself. (more…)

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