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New AFL season promo

Wait, don’t go away just yet…

OK, this has nothing at all to do with Mages, Gnomes or WoW.

This is all to do with arguably the greatest game on earth… (and yes ladies, there is something for you in this too!)

Aussie Rules Football

The A.F.L. have just released this seasons advertisement… and I must say I love it.



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Buffing Mages: A Short History

Buffing Mages: A Short History

I am a little disappointed in my Magely Blog colleagues at the moment, it’s all Q to the power of Q.

Sure it’s nerf to cover up the nerf that we noticed while another nerf was being slipped in, but let’s be a bit more positive about this.

What other class can claim such a high level of energy has been expended on it’s one signature (now sadly ignored) spell.


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