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All MY Top Blogs in the one place


I have mentioned AllTop before, on a couple of occasions if memory serves me correct.

Basically it aggregates all sorts of feeds in one place, including WoWBlogs.

There is exciting news coming from AllTop, you can now create MyAllTop.. well, I guess YourAllTop, although you are welcome to check out my sample page.

Basically the idea is you register at AllTop, then you can pick all the feeds from AllTop that you want to follow, no matter what category, and build your own page.  This might be a smattering of WoW Blogs… I better be there! as well as some Frivolous real World feeds.

Anyway, you can check out the new features at AllTop.com, and sign up if the fancy takes you.


Check Out the Standard WoW Blog Page

or Check out My AllTop Mage Blog page

Remember, if a Blog you know and love isn’t present, you can also suggest it to them!

Gnomer and Out!

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