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Missed by that much…

I was really hoping to do some fishing in Orgrimmar tonight.

I was Twittering to RuneTap and Anea this morning about how it’s the only way I can fish… it’s too boring, so I am trying to turn it into an extreme sport.

I log in to WoW and I am greeted by all my characters “Pick Me!, Pick Me!”.

But I’m a Gnome on a mission, so I select Gnomeaggedon and log in.

Loading…. Loading… Loading…


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I noticed some yellow [FredDagg has achieved x Achievement] this morning.

Normally I wouldn’t pay any attention to it… I mean I am so busy watching my achievements scroll by, I don’t have time to “Gratz” anyone else… but this one caught my eye…


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This is just a random outflow of things from the last week

Turtle Mount

I was doing the Kalu’ak matchmaking daily on Friday night, when I had to stop and laugh at how silly the big seals look on their turtle mounts.


Next thought was how much more sensible a Gnome polymorph: turtle wielding Mage would look on the back of a turtle.

Then, on Sunday I see this at El’s Extreme Anglin’ and WoWInsider. I must think more positive thoughts, my dreams have been coming so true lately.


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