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Meme Wanted, Apply Within

Blah Blah tagged me in blah blah meme and …

Hang on.. I care… maybe a little too much.

One of my favorite readers, commenters and twitterers tagged me.

I knew I was tagged the moment Syrana mentioned in Twitter that she has just posted a new Meme tag… I didn’t need to look, maybe I shouldn’t have looked… but I did look. (I also should have known that Megan was behind this insidious meme)

Unfortunately (for you) I have a hard disk full of “Wanted” images, so I am going to just keep on dishing them out over the coming days…


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New WoW Storage Spaces (Redux)

New WoW Storage Spaces (Redux)

Larisa was reminding me on my place in the WoW blogging community (in a nice way) in a comment to my post a short one to Kriz (which wasn’t in anyway short…).
I in turn responded that I was a bit disappointed (yet not overly surprised) at the lack of comment on the blog at a time when 20% of my all time hits occurred in 2.5 days… Well apart from spam… I have been doing lots of bulk deletes.

So while checking my blog the other day I see another comment had come through. My 1st thought was I bet it’s going to be spam.. but I was pleasantly surprised… not only I was I enjoying reading the comment… but while I was reading it, another comment came in… just as I finish reading that… another one comes in.

  • All 3 comments from the same reader Quixota.
  • All 3 comments too good to leave hiding away in a post that is unlikely to get read again except by completionists and those spilling over from The Druid Team.

So, without further ado, here are Quixota’s comments (with a bit of very bad editing on my part to make them look more like a post), plus a couple of thoughts of my own… (more…)

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