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World’s deadliest creatures: Gnomes

Kestrel from Kestrals Aerie (WTB Gnome Priest!) and subsequently Arrens, Pixeled ExecutionerAwlbiste, Jezriyah, Medros, outdps, Willel, Greyseer, Holydiscipline, & Stoppableforce got me thinking about this on Twitter the other day.

Oztrlya Gnoo

Here at Oztrlya Gnoo we house some of the world’s most deadly creatures.

We’ve got Taipans, Salty Crocolisks, box jellyfish, but our latest attraction will astound you.



Gnomes you say, but I thought they were cute and cuddly?

About as cute and cuddly as a Koala on heat (which is vicious btw, you are only more likely to get taken out by the infamous Drop Bear). (more…)

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