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Who will be 1000?

Who will be 1,000?


Gnomer & Out!

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Dear Gnome


Imanunlovedgnome writes:

Dear Gnomeaggedon,
Being a 3 foot chubby pallid bald Gnome I have problems getting deep and meaningful relationships with those of the opposite sex.

Even when I dress in my best raiding gear the girls look right over my head, even the short ones.


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The Wizard of Oz

No, not me, although I guess I am a Wizard (Mage) and from Oz (Australia), but I am in fact referring to this strange creature, who needless to say, needed to be taught a fatal lesson.


This was one of the many things I got up to over the weekend… (more…)

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Questing with James once more

For a couple of years (and toons) “my mate James” and I quested merrily along together.

Just the two of us.

As much as he was there to hold my hand and tell me where to go, he was never in my ear, never needed bio’s, never wiped the party.

There was no loot drama with James.   He would tell me what was good, and I would trust him… he never rolled against me.  What I found was mine.

We had a great friendship, better in many ways that the friends I have with my real life friend.  He was if nothing else, always by my side when I needed him, even on the train when I was planning out what to do next session.

Unfortunately even the best of friends part ways, if only for a short period.  Thus it was with James and I.  You see, I had no further need of his assistance, so I casually cast him aside (*actually my wife set him on fire… sounds bad doesn’t it). (more…)

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When do you…

I made a comment to Larisa’s comment on my post that made me think about when I use certain abilities and cooldowns.

I thought I would share some and I am interested in yours. I know that circumstances and environment (raid, grinding, PvP) influence when and how you might use these skills, so I am interested in different uses and perspectives.

Speak up!


Enemy territory
You can use your Invisibility at 1 or 2 moments.

  1. In the initial rush to get past the front guards, or
  2. Once you are past the guards to elude “capture” (Why don’t they take prisoners?)

The advantage of 1 is that if you have enough Invisibility juice you can get in unnoticed, and maybe find a place to wait out your cooldown.

However I would recommend the 2nd one. (more…)

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She, he’s(?) back!

Nomesnatcha woke to a sinking feeling.


  • Where was she… No wait, he?
  • What happened to her awesome Orc physique?
  • Who is this Lich King dude, whose voice follows her, umm, him everywhere?
  • Where has that painful Gnome captive, Nomaggedon gone?

Uggggh, that’s right, last thing I remember was eating those funny tasting oat cakes that Nomaggedon cooked up.  Apparently he found the grain in a crate just lying around.

Then the change, ohhh I felt sick…

Then that annoying little Gnome threw big balls of fire at me. (more…)

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Where are the Instance Maps?

Something that has been bugging me for a while…

How long?

3 versions of WoW long!

  • I get maps of zones.
  • I get maps of cities.
  • I get maps of battlegrounds.
  • I don’t get maps of instances.


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