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Looks like Maiara needed a bit of help being raised from blog death, so she has called upon me and several other bloggers to join hands and invoke the Warcraft Screenshots Folder Gods, to drag her back from limbo.

I have no problem with this, and see I am in good company (especially when it comes to the quality of screen shots, and a sense of fun).

However I do have a problem with the requirements of the challenge.

1. Go into your image folder

Well, not this part… I have heaps of images…

2. Open the sixth sub-folder and choose the sixth image.

This is where it falls apart.  Funnily enough, the first thought I had was:

How does she expect me to find the 6th folder… I am a Gnome, with only 4 fingers!

Then I opened my screenshot folder, and sure enough, I didn’t have 6 folders… I only had 3, so I was saved from using my other hand.

I did have 6+ images in the folder though, so freeing up both hands, I counted to six… and what image should I find… (more…)

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