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Well, for those occasions where you don’t get enough funnies in your home realm’s chat, or for when Megan runs out of fuel for her New Rules series, then head over to WoWBash.

Lots of nice screen captures, which will have you crawling around under your chair in hysterics…
Here’s a sample…


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And that was post 300


Yesterday I clocked up 1,000 comments (remember when you fought so hard to get 1,000 +spell damage in TBC), this morning I knocked up 300 posts (remember when you fought so hard to get 300 +spell damage in Vanilla).

Thanks to all of you that read the blog, especially to those of you that subscribe multiple times via feedreaders so it makes me feel my audience is sooo much bigger.

Just in case you missed it yesterday (as things got pushed down the page) in my frenzy of posts while I watched the WordPress dashboard tick over, check out the Valentines post… especially if you are a lonely heart Gnome.

Also, the Mage disguise post has just dropped a little further down the page due to this pointless post… so have a read if you haven’t as yet.

Gnomer and Out!

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More Mage Disguises

SpicyTunas has been bringing us up to speed with a couple of transformations that take your Mage from being 1 in 11,000,000 to something a little different.

We have seen Dwarf Mages and Walrus Mages.

Well I am going to introduce you to two more. (more…)

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