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A Gnome of loose morals

I might not be an angel after all…


OK, OK, OK.. I was banging on about the horrendous immoral quests in WoLK the other day, but I fear that Euripedes infiltrated my psyche, cause this week I found myself doing all sort of evil deeds… for no better reason that I was helping out my Gnome colleagues. (more…)

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Ding! 1,000 comments


The honor of being the 1,000th commenter goes to…


Couldn’t have come from a nicer Mage…. errr Death Knight…. Gnome!

Gnomer and Out!

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Who will be 1000?

Who will be 1,000?


Gnomer & Out!

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Dear Gnome


Imanunlovedgnome writes:

Dear Gnomeaggedon,
Being a 3 foot chubby pallid bald Gnome I have problems getting deep and meaningful relationships with those of the opposite sex.

Even when I dress in my best raiding gear the girls look right over my head, even the short ones.


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