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Bring on level 81

Let’s have Arch-classes, level 81 characters, one per class per server. Only one for both Horde and Alliance, it is faction independent.

Of course you get extra talents, spells and abilities – temporarily.

When you reach Arch level status, you get 1 day of grace, where you can’t be challenged for the position. After that, any level 80 character of the same class can challenge you for it.

The achievement screen will monitor this achievement in the same was that clubs record their past presidents. Arch-Class from 14/01/2009-16/01/2009, 20/01/2009-17/04/2009.

In my mind this is better than some 1st to 80 Arch-Druid or Arch-Mage achievement title. This is real, this is, I not only got to level cap, but I am the best of my class. (more…)

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