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Have I forgotten something?

I know, I know…

Hurry up and level!

But after sooooo long level capped, there is this little niggling voice in the back of my head saying:

“Stay away from 71”

The only thing I can think of is that once I hit 71 all the old BG’s are out of the question for a while.

Is there something else that I must do before I hit 71, or should I just sit back, put the peddle to the metal and just “level damn it!”?

Actually speaking of things I know I have forgotten… (more…)

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Interface from hell

I have the interface from hell.

Years of choosing and discarding mods until I have the functionality I desire have left my screen cluttered and confusing.

This is the real reason I play a Gnome, at least I can see a little bit of WoW real estate.

Back in the days when I toyed with complete interfaces they were fraught with hours of configuration and incompatible addons. By the time I would get it barely functioning a new WoW patch would come out and I was back to square one.

I know things have improved, but I have never found the time to research, download and configure one, for one character, let alone the half dozen I check up on from time to time.

So I am putting out the call to my readers. (more…)

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