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The sauce of this insanity

Every now then then I look at the category of the posts I write and think.

  • Where did that come from?
  • Should I really be writing about that?

When I signed up for the Twisted Nether wiki blog directory, I needed to choose a category. I chose Mage, for obvious reasons, but every now and then I wonder whether I should be more specific (there are no blogs specifically listed as Fire Mage blogs, and as much as Zupa may exert mind control to convince me to go Frost, or Larisa start a good argument for Arcane, I am and always will be a Fire Mage).

Yet then the opposite thought occurs to me. If I was a Fire Mage looking for advice, then this blog isn’t going to be a huge amount of help.

Likewise as much as I dabble in auctioneering, crafting, raiding, Warlock twinking, addon and hell even Druid posts, I am certainly not representative of any of those types of blogs.

So where do I get the good sauce (yes the spelling mistake was intentional) that feeds this insane hobby of a WoW blog? (more…)

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Maybe I have just grown up with too much American TV, but when I think of a fort, I think of a small log barricade to keep the “Indian’s” out.  These ones are huges, and keep the Indian’s in.

Over the couple of weeks I have seen some amazing forts (as they are called in India), which I would be calling castles (don’t get me started on the Palaces… especially my dinner in one the other night). 

The one in Jaiselmier is still inhabited, 45 generations down the track, there are still 4,000 people living in the fort.  The fort in Jaipur holds the largest cannon on wheels, which could shoot a cannon ball 35km (and took 2,200 elephants to pull into place in the fort)

Anyway, in lieu of anything worthwhile from a Warcraft point of view, here are a few shots of forts (I will stick with one for now). (more…)

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