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GoogledGnome #45: end of time

GoogledGnome #45

I’m scared the end of time is coming

The end of time:

Burning Cursade – yep gone, but that heralds the dawning of a new era, the Wrath of the Lich King.

Armaggedon – not in the Biblical sense, just in the sense that Gnomeaggedon is coming with big balls of fire.

WoW ending in 5 hours? – Just a hypothetical raised by Matticus, and picked up by a few more of us. You can see my view here.

End of the earth as we know it? Well, there is a little part of me that wishes we would just leave this planet to it’s own devices, rather than enougaging it’s end.

Gnomer and Out!

This was another post in the continuing exploration of how people reach Armaggedons Coming via Google.  As usual, please feel free to comment or ignore

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