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Kara the new Deadmines?

Kara is the New Deadmines

ZA is the new Wailing Caverns

Easy Peasy.

Seriously, so little challenge that I felt like we were boosting some low level alts through Deadmines and Wailing Caverns. (more…)

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Another blogger mentioned one of the bonuses of the new achievement system is you clearly get to see what of the old content you missed.

Which zones have you completely cleared of quests, completely discovered? How many recipes do you know, or more importantly, not know?

I discovered some interesting stuff regarding zones.


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GoogledGnome #31

For the Horde!

I think you want Sylus and Fikkle at For The Horde.

If not, see GoogledGnome #30

Gnomer and Out!


This was another post in the continuing exploration of how people reach Armaggedons Coming via Google. As usual, please feel free to comment or ignore

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Expansion brings out the Fire Mages like a Mage Battle never could…

So I battled away on behalf of all Fire Mages across Azeroth, fighting arguabley a losing battle.

End result:

  • Arcane mages love Arcane
  • Frost Mages love Frost
  • Fire Mages love Fire.

Then the strangest thing happens… Blizzard throws us poor old Fire Mages a rope, while dumping Arcane Mages in a bottomless pit. (more…)

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Hallowed be my Gnome


Hallowed be my Gnome

Only 2 days of work left (or 1 depending on when you read this) and as we finalize our travel arrangements (booking Kerala for Xmas and New Year) I thought I would jump on and do a last look at my toons.

THD reminded me that 3.0.3 was out (shows you how much attention I am paying to WoW), so I was very excited to log in and confirm that Hallowed be my Gnome.

Not only hallowed, but apparently I have gained a mate, a shadow. (more…)

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New use for combustion + scorch

Two Words:

Hot Streak

We ran Kara and ZA the other night, purely for the let’s do kara & ZA one more time (and while we are at it, grab the ZA Achievement).

Was I the king of DPS… hardly, things drop too fast for a Fireball to charge let alone land. (more…)

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GoogledGnome #30

For the Alliance

Do we say that?

If so, yeah for the Alliance, at least in battlegrounds. On a PvE realm, for the whatever… (more…)

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