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1337+1 Spam catcher

Well I wanted to see my blog notch up 1337 spam, but I must have blinked.

Never-the-less, I am now on the WoWArmory of Spam Filtering, with 1338 spam caught.


Yes, Yes.. I am meant to be running for a plane… so I will get out of Tree Hugger Dave’s way.. assuming he remembers to post his draft…

Farewell, have fun!

Gnomer and Out!

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Leaving on a fast bird…

Well folks the time has come for me to mount off and ride into the sunshine.

I’m leaving today on one of those Gnomish mass transportation contraptions which have reputation for falling out of the sky like all Gnomish inventions.

While there I will be maintaining the mystic arts

Clearing Temples

and a few ruins

Conquering a few Mountains


Taking the boat from one zone to another

Gathering a few herbs

Fighting off the mobs

Learning new Polymorph spells

and doing a little /dance

May the Gods be with you in my absence!

Hope you all have a great festive season and Gnometastic New Year.

I will see you on my return… but until then, be sure to delete my scheduled GoogledGnome spam, and be kind to the Guardian of Gnome’s Grove.

Gnomer and Out!

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