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Expansion brings out the Fire Mages like a Mage Battle never could…

So I battled away on behalf of all Fire Mages across Azeroth, fighting arguabley a losing battle.

End result:

  • Arcane mages love Arcane
  • Frost Mages love Frost
  • Fire Mages love Fire.

Then the strangest thing happens… Blizzard throws us poor old Fire Mages a rope, while dumping Arcane Mages in a bottomless pit. (more…)

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Hallowed be my Gnome


Hallowed be my Gnome

Only 2 days of work left (or 1 depending on when you read this) and as we finalize our travel arrangements (booking Kerala for Xmas and New Year) I thought I would jump on and do a last look at my toons.

THD reminded me that 3.0.3 was out (shows you how much attention I am paying to WoW), so I was very excited to log in and confirm that Hallowed be my Gnome.

Not only hallowed, but apparently I have gained a mate, a shadow. (more…)

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