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The race that stops the nation

The Melbourne Cup is tomorrow. Known as the race that stops the. Nation, it at the very least stops Melbourne (public holiday), but most people around Australia stop for the 3 minutes it takes the horses to run the course.

If I wasn’t so busy with travel preparations right now, I would organize an ingame event, similar to the running of the Gnomes where everyone drops down to the Shmmering Flats Mirage Raceway and run a few laps.

Of course to be authentic there would need to be masses of toons in tuxedos and ball gowns in the “car park” downing brews until they chunder.

So if you are online tomorrow, and feel the urge, organize an Azeroth Cup and tell me the results. (more…)

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Blog Achievements

Krizzlybear came up with some Podcasting talent suggestions when TwistedNether hit level 10.

Larisa hit 200 posts the other day but wasn’t sure whether it was worth mentioning.

Well I hit a few blog achievements over the weekend that I thought I would share.

Now I admit that these achievements have as much importance as in game WoW achievements, not much. They are really just acknowledgments of milestones, so I am not going to get any über loot, or a new title, but they will be on my permanent record.

200 posts (well 205 now)
See Larisa, I told you I would catch/overtake you! (more…)

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You win some, you lose some, but what’s going on with achievements?

I wonder if Blizz is yet to tweak the achievement scoreboard, I hope so.

You see I noticed a few incongruities.

I have done 2 Northrend instances – I don’t think so!

Officially I have not completed any of the outlands instances, let alone the number of Old World instances I officially haven’t completed.

I know, it was hard for Blizz to work it out, I mean what proof do they have that you have completed the instances? (more…)

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GoogledGnome #29: Foot Mage

GoogledGnome #29

Foot Mage.

Only until level 30, then you can become a Hoof Mage.

At level 70 you can become a Wing Mage.

Later (coming soon) you can be a Rug Mage. (more…)

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