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I rolled a Gnome because….

I rolled a Gnome because….

As announced on Twisted Nether the BA topic of the Week is to come up with a Quiz about why you rolled you class… I’ve done the class… so let’s look at the race…

Note, only Gnomes (or want to be Gnomes) need apply.

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If you have done all the Outland’s dungeons on normal and heroic too many times to count, and the thought of doing them on both modes again sends you into a black fit of despair.

Fear not!

Complete the instance in Heroic, and get credit for the normal one!

Two achievements for the price of one!

Gnomer and Out!

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I rolled a Fire Mage because…

As announced on Twisted Nether the BA topic of the Week is to come up with a Quiz about why you rolled you class… so here goes folks…

Note, only Fire Mages (or want to be Fire Mages)  need apply.

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Combined titles

I admit I am not a big roleplayer, or a very good one at least, but while I stare at my 1st title I wonder, why only one?

But first my usual loosely associated tangent.

The little Gnome lore I have read suggests that no Gnome worthy of his name his only a single name. They are all like Whoisit Whatshisname. Yet Blizz only allows us one name. (more…)

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GoogledGnome #27: Fire mages

GoogledGnome #27

Fire mages

Are great!

There are Fire Mages, then there are other Mages.

There aren’t enough Fire Mage blogs though.

There’s me… (more…)

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What’s the rush to Northrend?

What’s the rush to Northrend?

You know another side effect of the achievement system is it is making me take a good hard look at what I haven’t done in game.

It has made me think about all the games I have played in the past, the ones where I have seen 60% off the content and either become stuck (and frustrated to the point of turning the PC off in disgust), or that were losing their appeal for one reason or another, then got uninstalled while the shrink-wrapping came off some shiny new monster covered game box. (more…)

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I have lost a pet. Not just any pet, but one that has been with Gnomeaggedon since he was big enough to venture into Westfall unassisted.

I’ve lost CLUCK!

This is the chicken you gain after making a fool of yourself for 15 minutes with the emote /chicken.

I must have bitten the bullet when bag and bank space was at it’s lowest and the mechanical chicken must have one the elimination.

Now I know you can go visit any Stable Master and get your deleted chain quest pets restored, as I have with my Smolderweb Hatchling and Worg Pup, but apparently. Keeping chickens is below a Stable Master’s dignity. (more…)

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