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When scanning the auction house, I regularly come across “random low level item with random low level enchant”.

I think to myself, why on earth would you put an enchant on an item where:

  1. The enchant mats cost more than the item
  2. Put it up for sale on the auction house
  3. I will come to 3.


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They are working hard over at Auctioneer in preparation for WoLK, and a new preview version has been released, version 3471.

Nechckn says there have been over 130 updates and enhancements! (more…)

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Life is Cheap #4: Your First Alterac Valley as PvE player

Part 2 of the guide on easing your PvE sensibilities into PvP.

OK, so maybe by now you have run an Arathi Basin (AB) or two, maybe your intention is to try Alterac Valley (AV) 1st because everyone has told you it is so much like PvE. Maybe you heard AV was the best way to grind honor.

Whatever the case, I will try to introduce you gently to AV as a PvE’er doing your 1st PvP experience. Yes, I will assume this is your 1st, so excuse the simplicity.

No.1 there where some general tips in the 1st in this series, so check them out if you haven’t already. (more…)

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I wish we weren’t so green

A quicky, I hope to have something more substantial up later today.

A few people around the traps have mentioned that the new patch is available for download, so I jumped on quickly this morning to get the ball rolling…

821 meg… didn’t really think much of that, until I looked back a minute later and saw… (more…)

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So what happened to the Kara whinge post?

So what happened to the Kara whinge post?

Did you miss it this week?

OK, here goes….

I didn’t play WoW this weekend, so no Kara for me ;-(

There you go, short and sweet!

I hear my Mates did pretty well though with only Netherspite and Prince left standing, and they tried to teach Prince a lesson a few times.  I would like to think I would have made the difference, but then that’s because this little Gnome has an ego the size of a tanking Druid’s butt.

It was Father’s Day

So no, I gave my weekend over to my family, Father’s day and all.. no touchy the puter daddy… (more…)

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Yep, I have nothing to contribute on this topic myself, but I have been (and will be) spending a bit of time reading and rereading this excellent post by The Dwarf Priest on raid stacking.

This was brought to my attention by Siha at Banana Shoulders.

That’s it!

Just a community service announcement for those of you that don’t read Priest or Paladin blogs, but are interested in raid stacking.

Go… Shoo, go read other people’s blogs…

Gnomer and Out!

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Premature Speculation

Premature Speculation

I just love the title of this post, which is in fact the only reason I am writing it.

I just saw the two words used in conjunction by Karthis from Of Teeth and Claws in a comment to The Rambling Bear’s post It’s Raining. I Swear!

I thought it really summed up the whole WoLK speculation thing.

A WoLK bedroom scene

A few moments of heated grunting and cheering, followed by hours or days of disappointment.

Was it good for you?

No, I am a Mage and it sucked, how about you?

No I am a <insert class here> and it sucked for me too!


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