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So after my post about slowing down I have been posting as much as usual, until yesterday.

No post yesterday. Yes I read a few blogs, made a few comments, but otherwise nothing.

It was hard, but refreshing.

Likewise of has been nearly 4 weeks out of game which has definitely changed or maybe reinforced my perspective on WoW.

I have played 3 times immediately the last weeks, to be honest, but a different grind than Kara.

That’s raised a few things for me, the first I will show you today, and the others… Well I will leave you with a question which will be the foundation of a future post.


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Arrrrgggghhhh me hearties!

International Pirate day!

Gnomer and Out!

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I was mowing the lawn on the weekend when it occurred to me that people rarely notice a mown lawn, but they notice an overgrown one.

Then it occurred to me
As it is in real life it is in WoW.


  • When a tank is hitting all the right buttons at the right time, you don’t notice. You just pew pew away without a care in the world.

When the tank doesn’t know or use the right rotations, or hits the wrong buttons or wrong skills you get plenty of time to notice on the ghost run… (more…)

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It hurts to be right

A while back Graylo over at Gray Matter ran a little poll on when WoLK would be released, I threw my 2 cents in, and apparently I was correct. I should have put money on it…

November 13th.

The same day I am boarding a plane for Mumbai (formerly Bombay), India.

My friends have already planned out the LAN over the weekend 14-16th of November to start their exploration of Northrend.

Of course, I don’t mind.. actually I am quite happy with the 13th. (more…)

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Temporary slow down on mounts after 70

Temporary slow down on mounts after 70

By now you have probably already read this, but I felt like sharing around anyway…

Guess I need a pet pally again…

Ghostcrawler says:

Any items or enchants that affect mounted speed will no longer affect any character over level 70. This includes the Riding Crop, Mithril Spurs, Riding Glove Enchant, Carrot on a Stick, Skybreaker Whip and all similar effects. Talents or spells that affect mounted speed will continue to do. In part, we thought it had become a hassle for players to have to equip (or macro) riding trinkets. We have new plans for how to improve mounted speed that we will unveil eventually.

Gnomer & Out!

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Work Life WoW Balance

Work Life WoW Balance

There is an organizational concept which is becoming quite common in workplaces these days – work life balance.

This has been on my mind a fair bit lately because while it is a noble concept, the reality is usually quite different.

Now when you add in something like WoW to the mix, the balance can be very difficult to achieve.

I remember doing an exercise once where you work out what is important to you, then work out where you are really spending your time, then work out where you will spend you time in future.

So let’s give it a go. (more…)

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Clayton’s Post #8

Clayton’s Post #8

A Clayton’s Post (The post you have when you aren’t having a post).

Just a short one today, as I haven’t got a great deal of time.

Money, Money, Money!

Ghostboci asked Larisa a question the other day, which in itself drew my attention to his blog… good job!

Anyway, if you have been the slightest bit interested in my Auctioneering posts, check out the Greedy Goblin. As he is just starting out, I am sure he would appreciate tips and posting ideas… perfect candidate for “Ask a Greedy Goblin a question”.

Goblin Ingenuity


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