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Points don’t win games, goals do

Points don’t win games, goals do

The Aussie Rules (AFL) Grand Final was held over the weekend. I guess this is the Australian equivalent of the super bowl

It was a great game, even for someone like me that can live without football. The first 3 quarters were very close, usually only a matter of a few points between the 2 teams, but in the end it was the Hawks (Hawthorn) that won the game and the trophy.

I didn’t have anything invested in either team. At least my team wasn’t on the bottom of the ladder for the 1st time in a couple of years, but they definitely weren’t in the big game. (more…)

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GoogledGnome #8

GoogledGnome #8

should i do instances pre wolk


There done….

Ohhhh, also gather mats, raid the AH, grind rep, dance like a pirate…. (more…)

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