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GoogledGnome #1

As many of you know, I am heading off soon on a holiday, and I am cutting back on my posting for a while as well (look Larisa.. no posts all weekend…!).

So grabbing a concept that I have seen on a few blogs before, I am going to answer the Google searches that I get… yep you can look forward to 2-3 months worth of these.

Hopefully they don’t cause you to remove you from your feed reader, or regular site browsing routine.

In fact I sort of hope that they will get you all guest posting in response.. in the comments is fine… entertain yourselves, and then I get something to chuckle about when I return.

I wont be offended if you just delete them without thought.. but then I wont know it was you anyway (or will I?).

OK, so to begin…

GoogledGnome #1

3 gnome mages

Not 3 blind mice… (although probably about the same height)

Not 3 amigos… (probably look as silly in the middle of the street)

Three Gnome Mages… Larisa, Krizzlybear and Me

There, done… not too painful I hope!

Gnomer and Out!

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