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Is this still valid?

I was digging through one of my old WoW related folder son my PC today, and found this old gem.

Then I read BBB‘s post about Pallies raining on his parade, or post as the case may be.. and I just wondered whether there was a percentage of Pallies that still play this way…

Love to credit it, but I found it a long time ago.. Pre-BC, and from memory it wasn’t credited when I found it.

Damn, I just realised that one of my best referrers is a Pally Blog…. there goes the ranking.

Gnomer and Out!

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The other Day Matticus was talking about the Five forms of failure.

Today at work I am searching for Failures (which is where the inspiration for this Excel filter came from).

How do you Filter your failures?

Speaking of Failures, Altoholicmom tagged me for the Meme, so look forward to my Epic Failure tomorrow.

Gnomer and Out!

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My 3 foot Gnome Mage can now stand tall

My 3 foot Gnome Mage can now stand tall


  • Burning Crusade has been around how long?
  • Gnomeaggedon has been level 70 for how long?
  • Wrath of the Lich King (and the “gear reset”) is how far away?

What did I pick up Tuesday night?

I guess I have been level 70 for around 18 months.. maybe a few months less, but I can’t be bothered counting. (more…)

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