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An Interlude…

An Interlude…

Ohhh what day is it… Mmmm Thursday….

What do I post on Thursday… Ohh Warlock Twink stuff….

What didn’t I post this Thursday… Ohh Warlock Twink stuff….

Yeah, well, didn’t get around to the Talents post, although it isn’t far off.

Sit back and smell the brimstone

However, this feels like a nice moment for an interlude, to sit back and smell the fire & brimstone. (more…)

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Gnomerorigins #1

In the vein of TooManyAnnas Friday 5 (just 2 weeks behind) but truly inspired by Mr 50 post Krizzybear, here is a moment or two in the previously unconsidered life of Gnomeaggedon

From where does Gnomeaggedon gain his name?

My parents (unmarried – outrageous I know – at the time of the pregnancy) had little choice in my name. The pregnancy, and my birth was considered an ill omen… then came the fall of Gnomergan. My grand parents while arguing over my still pink and squishy new born body exclaimed that I had brought the end of the world on the Gnomes, I was the Gnomeaggedon! (more…)

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